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She was born in France. At 25 years old, she graduated as Master and Chief Engineer of the French Merchant Marine and Officer in the French Navy. Since her earliest childhood, she was made aware of Art in all its forms. In 2017, she decided to study acting in Giles Foreman Centre For Acting between London and Paris. She speaks native French, fluent English and has German notions. She achieved several horse riding and piano contests. She practices as a hobby singing, running, swimming, classical dance and is levelled in Martial Arts. It is important for her to defend the biodiversity and go on with human inclusion.


"Missions" (Season 3) Sci-Fi serie - Created by Ami Cohen / Henri Debeurme / Julien Lacombe - Waitress - Directed by Julien Lacombe



Nine Month Stretch - Albert Dupontel - Ariane Felder - The Court - Giles Foreman

Intolerable Cruaulty - Joel and Ethan Coen - Marylin - The Dinner - Giles Foreman

Big Little Lies - David E. Kelley - Celeste Wright - Meeting with the professor - Giles Foreman



Zero Dark Thirty - Kathryn Bigelow - Maya - Discussion with the boss - Giles Foreman

Four For Texas - Robert Aldrich -  Maxine Richter - The Wedding - Giles Foreman

2010 - present

Occident - Rémy De Vos - The Woman - Christophe Reymond


Six characters in search of an author - Luigi Pirandello - The Leading Actress and Mme Pace - Giles Foreman

Angelo, Tyrant of Padua - Victor Hugo - La Tisbe - Julie Zeno


Ainsi Soit Benoite Groult - Catel - Catel - Devised play - Marion Ferrand


Dom Juan - Molière - Dona Louisa and La Ramee - Lysandre Elessa and Patrick Alluin


Oncle Vania - Anton Chekhov - Elena - Lysandre Elessa

The Cid - Pierre Corneille - Chimene - Patrick Alluin

The Crucible - Arthur Miller - Elisabeth Proctor - Patrick Alluin

2010 - present


Larry Moss workshop in Australia*

ATCL *(Associate of Trinity College London Speech and Drama delivered by the London Drama Centre)

Actor Studio Methods*: Stanislavski, Malmgren,  Laban, Meisner, Strasberg, Yung, Hagen, Batson at London and Paris Giles Foreman Centre for Acting

Cours Florent Paris*

Singing voice 


Singing styles

Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, Souls, Folk, Bossa Nova, Gospel, Latin, classical


Piano* / Guitar / Violin


Martial Arts *(Karate), Combat  Stages*(Krav-Maga, Light Boxing, K-Training)

Horse Riding*(Dressage, Cross-country, Archery, Acrobatic)


Kite surfing

Classical ballet – waltz 


Painting, drawing, sewing, do-it-yourself, computer programming, hiking

Other formations

Captain and Chief Engineer of the French Merchant Marine Certificate (Unlimited Tonnage)*

French Military Reservist Rank


                                                                                                                  * Highly skilled

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